All-in-One platform

With our specialized software it ’s possible to create a fully White-Label CPA company in a very simple way, where advertisers and affiliates can promote their offers. The software also includes a easy integration, sophisticated manager tool, user-friendly interface, complete targeting options, and comprehensive analytics that track users actions, helping users maximizing the performance of every offer.

Smart Links

GoAdserver supports the Smartlink feature. With this functionality affiliates can promote their available offers using only a URL, without the need to modify it later. This feature also show the available campaigns according to the visitors data. With a role-based access control, the software ensures that each team member, user and client have a different access levels and permissions, prioritizing data security and privacy.

Multi User Management

With role-based access control, the platform ensures that each team member have a different access levels and permissions, prioritizing data security and privacy. This facilitates any collaboration, allowing a efficient teamwork on any campaign. Activity tracking and audit trails further enhance accountability.


The platform offers comprehensive tracking capabilities, providing detailed insights into any campaign performance, allowing users to analyze the behavior and engagement through granular analytics. Customizable tracking parameters ensure tailored reporting for precise analysis.

Single Offers

The platform enables users to create unique targeted offers for specific audience segments, with flexible configurations to align with diverse marketing objectives.


Advanced targeting tools allow users to reach specific audience segments based on demographics, devices, browsers, operating systems and more, helping improving the effectiveness of each ad campaign and increasing the chances of reaching the desired audience.

Look no further!

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient Offer solution for your online advertising campaigns? 

In this offer you can also use our Ad Network tool that can provide a opportunity to create and monetize your own website. By displaying ads, you can earn a revenue on ad impressions while getting access to a wide range of tools such as ad targeting, placement, tracking and performance measurement.

The users will continue to have access to the same benefits such as, targeted advertising, the cost-effectiveness, the best performance tracking, optimization and reach, among many others. This helping advertisers maximizing their reach to their desired audience with precision, while helping publishers monetize their website by displaying a wide variety of ads.

You will be able to connect to a pool of offers and receive unique tracking links that you can promote to earn money. These links are embedded with specific identifiers that allow the network to track and update the performance and actions of any campaign accurately.

We give you a wide variety of offers from different industries, allowing users to choose the ones that align with their niche and target audience better, helping optimize campaigns for maximum profitability.

Don’t settle for average solutions when you can work with the best. Partner with GoAdserver and let us supercharge your online advertising success!


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