Direct Deals

Direct Buying is a key feature which enables advertisers to have greater control over where their ads

Direct deals are ad campaigns that have priority to be served when an opportunity arises, effectively skipping any other ad selection process. They guarantee advertisers exclusive ad placement in websites or platforms, often increasing visibility and engagement. They are flexible in a number of ways, meaning they can be tailored to suit the requirements and preferences of the advertiser and publisher.

The campaigns can be set on:

Exclusive deals – The most simple arrangement, where a specific ad slot is reserved for one advertiser for a set amount of time, this meaning no other ads will ever be shown in that slot as long as the deal is active;

Fixed percentage – A deal where a determined percentage of ad impressions are guaranteed to appear for a certain ad. This offers some assurance of visibility, while still allowing the publisher to monetize the rest of the impressions;

Fixed number of impressions – Each day, the advertiser will receive a set number of impressions. These direct deals are a good compromise between offering the security of assured visibility and also providing some flexibility for the publisher in how they fill the rest of the ad inventory;

Remnant – This term is given to any unsold ad inventory that a publisher has and needs to fill. Advertisers can secure these spots, at what might be rock bottom prices. Though not as high-profile as the placements of exclusive or fixed deals, they can often be a good way of adding extra reach for a campaign or for using leftover budgets.

For advertisers, direct deals come with a number of benefits that can make them a compelling proposition for certain campaigns:

Guaranteed placement and visibility – The certainty that they will get their ads appear in the desire exclusive slots, ensuring that campaigns will effectively be delivered to their audience;

Cost predictability – Fixed number or rates of impressions mean that advertisers can better manage their budgets, knowing exactly what they’ll get in return for their investment;

Relationship building – Direct negotiations often lead to a better relationship formed between the advertiser and the publisher. This leads to a more-in-depth advertising solution, and can potentially mean that better rates are achieved the next time;

Quality Control: Advertisers have more control over the context in which their ads are placed, allowing for alignment with brand values and targeting strategies.

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