Creative & URL Pools

Creative Pools and URL Pools, which are revolutionizing goadserver

Our advertising platform is introducing two innovative features called Creative Pools and URL Pools, which are revolutionizing the way advertisers manage and optimize their ad campaigns.

Creative Pools functionality within GoAdserver empowers advertisers to efficiently manage and distribute their creatives across different campaigns, ensuring optimum exposure and engagement rates. With this feature, advertisers can create pools of multiple creatives for a single campaign, allowing GoAdserver’s AI algorithm to automatically select and deliver the most relevant creative to the audience. The AI algorithm takes into account various factors like historical engagement rates, user preferences and contextual relevancy, to dynamically serve the most effective creative in real-time.

This tool has as benefits:

Enhance Engagement:

Advertisers can display a variety of creatives to their target audience, increasing the chances of capturing their attention and driving higher engagement rates.

Improve Conversion Rates:

The AI algorithm within GoAdserver's Creative Pools identifies the best performing creative for each audience segment, which leads to more personalized and targeted ads. This level of customization improves the expected conversion rates and generates higher returns on investment.

A/B Test Made Easy:

This tool simplifies the A/B testing process by automating the selection of creatives, where advertisers can evaluate the performance of different creatives and make data-driven decisions to optimize their campaigns.

On the other side we have URL Pools. This feature streamlines the management and distribution of URLs within ad campaigns allowing advertisers to define pools of multiple URLs, ensuring their ads are delivered to the most relevant landing pages based on various parameters like user device, location, or browsing behavior. Like Creative Pools, URL Pools also leverages AI optimization to dynamically select and serve the most appropriate URL to each user, maximizing the chances of conversion, and bringing the following advantages:

Personalized Experience:

Advertisers are able to match their creatives with the most appropriate landing pages, providing users with a personalized and seamless experience across devices and platforms.


Dynamically serve location specific landing pages to their target audience, providing them with highly relevant information based on their geographical location.

Optimal Budget Allocation:

Distribute their budget across multiple landing pages, analyzing the performance of each and investing more in the ones that generate higher conversions.

Artificial Intelligence plays a central role in the optimization capabilities of GoAdserver’s Creative Pools and URL Pools. The AI algorithm continuously analyzes vast amounts of data, including historical performance, user behavior, and contextual factors, to make real-time decisions about the creatives and URLs selection. The AI’s ability to learn and adapt ensures that the most effective and relevant assets are served to each individual user, maximizing the potential for engagement and conversion.

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