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GoAdserver Ad Manager

“To make better decisions in online advertising you need to understand your ad campaigns and have full control of tracking and customization. Our GoAdserver features will allow you to achieve your targets!”

Direct Buying is a key feature which enables advertisers to have greater control over where their ads

Direct Deals

Direct deals are ad campaigns that have priority to be served when an opportunity arises, effectively skipping any other ad selection process. They guarantee advertisers exclusive ad placement in websites or platforms, often increasing visibility and engagement. 

Creative & URL Pools

Our advertising platform is introducing two innovative features called Creative Pools and URL Pools, which are revolutionizing the way advertisers manage and optimize their ad campaigns.

Another one of our key features is the eaCTRL, which stands for Enhanced Ad Control. goadserver


Another one of our key features is the eaCTRL, which stands for Enhanced Ad Control. This feature offers a comprehensive array of controls and functionalities that enable publishers to fine-tune their ad serving process and maximize their ad revenue.


One of the groundbreaking features of GoAdserver it is the SmartZones feature, which provides advanced targeting and customization options for website owners.


RTB is a key component of our platform, enabling advertisers to purchase ad impressions in real-time through an auction-based marketplace. This automated process allows advertisers to target their audience with precision, optimize their budgets, and maximize the return on their advertising investment.

Source Optimizer

Source Optimizers is a powerful tool designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaigns based on your CTR, CPA and bounce rate data. The key to this tool is knowing your traffic quality.


We have multiple programs from which you can choose according to your needs.

You can select from an adserver or whitelabel ad network options, both with Two Month free trial to implement your project.

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*CDN Bandwidth: 2.00$ per TB

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