One of the groundbreaking features of GoAdserver it is the SmartZones feature

A SmartZone serves as a advanced tool that seamlessly connects adcodes, iframes, or URLs sourced from various ad networks into an AdZone.

This integration is not merely a union of disparate elements but a strategic move towards enhancing performance, providing eCPM optimization by adjusting the sorting algorithm, either through a marginal percentage alteration or by a percentage-based approach.

Additionally, Smartzones empowers users with the option to pre-filter statistics based on GEOs and specific devices, allowing for a more targeted and efficient approach.

Furthermore, in scenarios where multiple Smartzones are linked to the same Adzone, the system will automatically select the most advantageous Smartzone based on eCPM performance per country. This intelligent selection mechanism ensures that the Adzone benefits from the most lucrative advertising opportunities tailored to specific regions.

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