Source Optimizer


The Source Optimizer tool is designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of any campaign based on CTR, CPA and bounce rate data information. By knowing your traffic quality the tool can determine which traffic sources are better working for you, also giving information about the ones that are worst for your business.

This tool let you set a minimum spending limit and a maximum number of days that the tool can give you statistics, helping you calculate results and control your spendings.

At the CTR Optimizer tab you can set your minimum and maximum CTR, as well as, the minimum and maximum impressions.

With our bounce rate optimizer you will be able to set a bounce rate that will autoblock traffic sources that are sending visitors with a high bounce rate levels. It’s possible to choose the type of the bounce rate between views or clicks, being, by default, set in auto.

The last option let you pick your desire CPA action, letting you choose to continue blocking traffic sources or to change your current bid.

Choose your CPA action, you can continue to block traffic sources or you can choose to change your current bid.

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