Maximizing Publisher's Earnings with SmartZones

In the rapidly evolving digital advertising landscape, staying ahead of the competition requires leveraging advanced technologies that optimize ad performance and revenue. One such technology is the SmartZone. This article delves into what SmartZones are, how they function, and how you can harness their power to maximize publisher’s earnings.

What is a SmartZone?

A SmartZone is an advanced advertising tool that connects ad codes, iframes, or URLs from various ad networks to a central Adzone. By integrating multiple ad sources, SmartZones facilitate optimized sorting based on effective Cost Per Mille (eCPM) metrics, there by ensuring that the highest paying ads are displayed to the right audience at the right time.

How SmartZones Work?

SmartZones gather performance data from connected ad networks to dynamically prioritize and serve the most lucrative ads. This process involves several steps:

  • Integration of Ad Networks: Connect various ad networks by adding your account details and enabling statistics pulling.

  • Data Collection and Optimization: SmartZones collect eCPM data and other performance metrics from these networks. They can pre-filter statistics by geographic location (GEO) and device type to ensure precise targeting.
  • Dynamic Ad Serving: If multiple SmartZones are connected to the same Adzone, the system will always prioritize the best-performing SmartZone based on the eCPM for each country. 

Creating a SmartZone

Creating a SmartZone involves a series of straightforward steps.

  • Setup:

    Navigate to Publishing > Smartzones in your advertising platform.


  • Configuration:
    • Select the website and Adzone to connect.
    • Choose the SmartZone type and the external ad network.
    • Enter the SmartZone name, select the ad network, and set the percentage for data gathering (1% is recommended).
    • Define GEO targeting and device types to tailor your ad delivery.
  • Ad Code Integration:

    Add the ad code, whether it’s an iframe URL or HTML code, and save your configurations.

Setting Up Ad Networks for SmartZones

To maximize the effectiveness of your SmartZones, it’s crucial to properly set up your ad networks. This involves:

Access Configuration: Go to Advertising > SmartZones > Networks and add the necessary ad networks.

Statistics Pulling: Enable statistics pulling by entering the required API keys or login details for each network. Some ad networks enable API access by request so make sure it’s enabled for your account.

Analyzing SmartZone Performance

To ensure your SmartZones are performing optimally, regularly review detailed statistics:

  • Period Selection: Choose the time frame for your analysis.
  • Filtering: Filter the data by SmartZones, ad formats, devices, and websites to get detailed insights. revenue.

Optimizations based on eCPM

Our system is designed to automatically optimize based on eCPM across multiple criteria. It dynamically pulls statistics from various networks and analyzes them per country and subID, ensuring optimization at both the country and subID levels for maximum efficiency and revenue generation.

Contextual Case

Conceptualize being an online publisher with multiple ad zones across various websites. By implementing SmartZones, you can monetize your traffic using multiple leading ad networks and switch each zone to the bucket of networks you have defined. As visitors from different GEO locations and devices access your content, the SmartZone dynamically serves the highest eCPM ads, thus maximizing your revenue.

For instance, if your primary audience is in the United States, and you notice that ads from Network A perform better than those from Network B in terms of eCPM, the SmartZone will automatically prioritize ads from Network A for US visitors. This not only enhances user experience with more relevant ads but also boosts your overall ad revenue.


SmartZones offer a sophisticated solution for optimizing ad performance by integrating multiple ad networks and dynamically serving the highest paying ads based on real-time performance data. By leveraging SmartZones, advertisers and publishers canes significantly enhance their ROI, ensuring that every ad impression counts.

For more detailed guides on creating and managing SmartZones, refer to the comprehensive documentation available on platforms like GoAdServer.

By following these steps and understanding the mechanics behind SmartZones, you can transform your digital advertising strategy, ensuring maximum efficiency and profitability in your campaigns.

For more information on how to SmartZones, visit GoAdserver´s website or schedule a demo with the GoAdServer support team on our Live Chat or Contact Page.